Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Moving Forward: Bush is trying to nail Kerry as being weak on national security. However, Bush is neglecting to show us what he plans to do to make security tighter. We've seen that the president has previously done a good job fighting this war. But it's past time for him to tell us what the next step is. He should have done it at the State of the Union. Instead, he touted a few past accomplishments and didn't explain what he wanted to do in the future.

Kerry's idea of using law enforcement and intelligence to fight terrorists is pretty weak. But as far as I can tell, Bush doesn't have any plans for what the next phase in the war will be. There are still rogue nations supporting terrorists. We should be publicly warning Syria about its ties to terrorists and WMD. And the public needs to know what's being done to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure in Saudi Arabia.

Bush is on the defensive because Kerry is setting the agenda and Bush isn't offering any new ideas. If Bush doesn't tell us why he should be re-elected, there's no reason to let him be president for another term.


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