Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Long Day: I found disturbing news on the front page of The Wall Street Journal last night as I was waiting for the subway. Tech geniuses are already looking to market the successor to the DVD. I'm a guy who still hasn't graduated from VHS, and already the technology to replace that technology is about to be replaced.

Then the day's feature story profiled a man named Orlando Soto. The only thing remarkable about this guy is that he loved to buy things that are advertised through e-mail Spam. He spends thousands of dollars a year on miracle vitamins and other Spam novelties (the article didn't mention whether he invested in any of those penis pills). He likens finding Spam bargains as being "like a treasure hunt." Unfortunately, his treasure hunts are giving Spammers more incentive to clog the rest of our in-boxes with crap.


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