Monday, March 08, 2004

All the news that fits: I enjoy the Drudge Report and all. The website usually links to some interesting, entertaining, and important stories that other news sites bury.

But Matt Drudge doesn't impress me as a journalist. His latest attempt to smear John Kerry (after the "intern" issue fell with a silent thud) seems to focus on the Democrat's tendency to cuss. But honestly, who gives a flying fuck?

I personally respect a person who uses strong language to convey strong emotion. It's not like the man's saying it on national television. According to Drudge's account, a person would have to search on Kerry's website to find a few instances of curse words.

Drudge deserves credit for first revealing that Newsweek was sitting on the Monica Lewinsky story before it broke. By the same token, Drudge also deserves blame for publicizing that trash, which was a private matter between President Clinton and another woman, and something neither of them wanted public.

Now Drudge consistently scoops other news outlets in reporting such groundbreaking issues such as which morning shows receive the highest television ratings. Good for him. Otherwise, he should stick to linking to real journalism outlets.


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