Monday, March 22, 2004

Good for Israel: The Israeli military's killing of Sheik Ahmed Yassin is another step towards destroying terrorist structure in the Middle East. Israel is fighting a war just like the United States is, and should be considered our greatest ally. That nation suffers countless more terrorist attacks than we do and needs to protect its people.

Hamas is a terrorist organization that targets civilians, usually busloads of them. The men who run Hamas are highly effective murderers who employ suicide bombers to attack groups of people as they go about their business. The terrorists can't be stopped though any security measures, so they must be destroyed.

Unfortunately, some Europeans are condemning Israel, saying the attack will damage the peace process. It's time they understand, every time Israel enters the peace process, Palestinian terrorists take advantage of the situation to launch an attack. Most of the most deadly attacks by Hamas came as Israel and Palestinians were negotiating peace. After Hamas would blow up a busload of civilians, including women and children, Israel would target the men who organized and carried out the terrorist attacks. Hamas would then say Israel's reaction to being attacked is unfair. But Israel is simply trying to maintain peace within its own borders.

Israel's action is no different than the United States attempting to kill Osama Bin Laden. If the Palestinians can't prevent terrorists from attacking Israel, then Israel has a right to defend itself.


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