Monday, November 20, 2006

Lord Have Mercy: O.J. Simpson Book, TV Special Canceled

My faith in humanity may yet be restored.

The fact that such a book would be published -- and would sell very well -- and the fact that such an interview would be conducted -- and be widely viewed by millions -- showed how shallow we have become as a society. But this latest news offers some hope.

On a side note, when OJ was on trial in 1995, I actually made a concerted effort not to pay much attention. The trial was a circus, and I figured there's no way the truth could be found. As we know, nothing really was settled, except that OJ wasn't going to jail.

It also highlighted racial divisions. Blacks tended to think OJ was not guilty, or at least that the LAPD was more guilty. Whites tended to think OJ got away with murder. As a white guy, I just assumed OJ was guilty, but didn't think too much of it. I figured there's no way we'll ever know for sure. Until now.

The fact that OJ was even contemplating writing such a book, that to me proves beyond a reasonable doubt that he is a murderer.

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