Monday, March 01, 2004

Back to Normal: The U.S. is deploying marines to Haiti, along with the French and other troops, to restore order. The United Nations quickly passed a resolution Sunday to support the international effort to quell violence after the country's president stepped down amid rebellion.

So much for all the criticism that the war in Iraq has depleted the U.S. troops and put us on bad terms with our allies. We're still working with France and the United Nations for the common good. Just because we had one major disagreement doesn't mean we won't talk to each other any more, like some junior-high relationship.

As the war on terrorism progresses in the Middle East, our allies will still help, and we'll still work with other countries to achieve goals that are mutually beneficial. And now the world knows that the United States won't hold back from attacking our enemies. This is good, sound policy that will lead us to victory.


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