Monday, March 01, 2004

Come to Pass: It's official. Iraq can no longer be called a quagmire, a failure, etc.

How can I say this? Because even CalPundit is (begrudgingly) conceding that good news is coming out of Iraq. He didn't give much of his own thoughts (he simply linked to another blogger), and he ended with an unhealthy amount of skepticism ("It could all still go to hell, of course. But it's still nice to hear something positive coming out of Iraq." As if this is the first time positive news has come out of Iraq). But he couldn't think of much that was disparaging to say.

Unfortunately -- despite the decreased terrorist attacks, despite the improved condition for Iraqis, despite the codification of a liberal constitution securing women's and minority's rights, despite the resumption of oil exports, despite the optimism of the people living there -- critics here are still going to talk about Iraq like it was some miserable failure, and a certain segment of the population will agree without question. Truth is, it worked out pretty well. And this all happened in less than a year.


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