Friday, June 25, 2004

Not Even a Bulge: The prophecy has come to pass. Terrorists launched a broad attack in Iraq to disrupt the handoff. Although the losses hurt and more attacks are sure to come, we're still winning the war.

People were complaining in April that we were losing because Moqtada Sadr was wreaking havoc. But we were able to soundly defeat his militia, forcing Sadr to give up and sending his followers (the ones who were still alive) home. Now Sadr is offering to help fight back the latest insurrections.

We're facing down Abu Musab Zarqawi, and one by one the terrorist groups sponsored by Al Qaeda and other groups are being destroyed.

The new Iraqi government has sworn to fight the terrorists, and the Iraqi people support their new government.

American troops will still be there to help in the fight, because, after all we are still leading the charge against the terrorists. And we still have many allies willing to help.


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