Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Everything's a Scandal: John Kerry has raised $148.5-million. Most of that money has been raised through checks worth $2,000 and less. That means at least 74,250 people have donated to Kerry's campaign.

One of them, apparently, was a shady figure. I can't help but wonder how this becomes news in the first place, and who spends their time combing through thousands of names to see if somebody is unlikable.

Nevertheless, the Kerry campaign is returning the check. But then another scandal reared its ugly head.

The soon-to-be Democratic nominee is vacationing in Nantucket. People argue that this makes him look rich, and voters don't like rich people -- even though they routinely elect those people to political office.

If you wonder why we never have any strong candidates for president, or any political office, it's because the good ones are smart enough not to deal with this crap.


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