Friday, March 03, 2006

Making Waves: Ever get the feeling that the news media is just recycling old stories instead of looking for anything that's actually new? The headlines yesterday seemed to focus on Bush's response to Katrina, something blowing up in the Middle East, and a little bit of sectarian conflict.

The front page of the newspaper could have been any front page for the past few months.

Even with the Katrina video release, the story presented nothing new. All we learned was that Bush was engaged, there were some vague concerns, but they never knew how bad things were getting in New Orleans until it was too late.

There was no mention of levees being breached in the video. It just appears that the government thought they were ready and had a grasp on things, but then they found out it was more than they could handle.

Of course, that doesn't stop the Bush haters from blowing this up as some new scandal. Oh well, glad I didn't miss anything important yesterday.


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