Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Center Stage: Michael Stickings, a centrist writer at a blog called The Reaction, is the current featured blogger on a major political Web site supporting John Edwards. Although I don't necessarily agree with his essay, here's Michael's take on Iraq.

It's interesting though how major candidates are embracing bloggers on their Web sites. I haven't written for anyone like Michael has, but I've noticed on Technorati that a couple of these Web sites link to me. One site supports Mark Warner, who I like. Another supports Hillary Clinton, who I'm not a big fan of.

But it's good that bloggers are getting pulled into the political process. We need more independent voices speaking from prominent platforms, such as these Web sites. That way we won't get stuck listening to the same paid flaks time and time again. The infusion of bloggers should improve the political discourse in this country.


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