Wednesday, March 29, 2006

An Improvement: Democrats vow to get Osama Bin Laden if elected to Congress.

It's about time they realized that they need to talk tough about national security, not just prematurely claim defeat. Unfortunately for Dems, these are just congressional elections. The president is the commander in chief. If Bin Laden is caught before January 2009, the credit will go to Bush.

I'm not so sure about the Democratic plan of Iraqi "redeployment". Apparently the plan is to move U.S. troops out of Iraq and into another Middle East country, with understanding that they would move back into Iraq if needed. Well, they're needed there now. Making it more difficult for them to respond there won't do any good.

The Democrats are still schizophrenic about being anti-war without looking weak. They're trying to placate the extreme Left in the party while understanding that mainstream America, as well as the Righties, wants to actually win this war. Trying to satisfy both groups satisfies no one.

At least they're bringing up Bin Laden again. I know Osama is merely a spiritual leader, not necessarily the tactical planner behind Al Qaeda. And capturing him won't win the War on Terrorism. But we need to get him, and soon. We also need to capture Zarqawi. For all the talk of progress in the War on Terrorism, we need the occasional big grab to demonstrate something tangible.


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