Monday, March 13, 2006

Buy Us: To conservatives, the idea of the "liberal media" is so well ingrained, the term itself has become redundant. Well, as a journalist myself who is a cog in the mass media behemoth, I can tell you that, actually, it's true. The news media is dominated by liberals.

Still, nearly all of my colleagues, conservative and liberal alike, do their damndest to hide their biases and report the news objectively. But when so many journalists lean to the left politically, the news coverage will skew that way more often than the other way. And conservatives routinely point out that big media mistakes, such as Rathergate, were attempts to make Republicans look bad.

Sure you can pick a bunch of examples about how the media screwed up here or there in such a way to hurt Republicans. But, rest assured, the media also screws up the other way.

Check out this CNN headline: "Dems Indicted; Clinton, Kerry Targeted" (via TPM).

Sounds like a serious piece of news, until you read the story and discover that RNC head Ken Mehlman was doing the indicting, in some speech he gave.

The news media is far from perfect. But don't worry, both sides suffer from our incompetence.


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