Thursday, October 23, 2003

Swing, and a miss: The Boston Globe editorial page and Mark Kleiman seem to think Bush isn't doing anything to wrap up the Valerie Plame incident. The Globe even offers this reprimand:

If he wished to do so, Bush could summon the likely suspects from the vice president's office, the Pentagon, and the National Security Council to the Oval Office and tell them that, as their president, he is ordering the officials who gave away Valerie Plame's cover to confess their role and resign.
Sure. At which time the guilty perpetrator will suppress a silent smirk, walk back to his desk, and leak the meeting to the media. We've all seen it with the leaked story about no more leaking.

Bush knows that although the leak was bad, there's nothing he can do to make it go away. News reporters have complained from the beginning that Bush keeps his White House leak free. Well, it looks like nothing is watertight. And even if Bush tries to fix some leaks with a few more turns of the wrench, more information will find its way to the public.

So let the investigation go forward. Hopefully we'll find out the truth, although that will be difficult. If the investigation finds something that implicates Bush, it should brought out. Chances are, he had nothing to do with this. Sorry, Bush-haters.


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