Friday, October 10, 2003

Hush! Who's whinier, Liberals or Conservatives? Well, I consider them both equally annoying:

Liberals whine about life being unfair to everyone.

Conservatives whine about everybody wanting free handouts.

Liberals whine about advertisers, commercialization, and society in general.

Conservatives whine about nobody taking responsibility for their actions.

Liberals whine about the rich getting everything.

Conservatives whine about the poor taking our tax dollars.

Liberals whine about capitalism and greedy corporations running this country.

Conservatives whine about big government running this country.

Liberals whine about religious nuts who say "God Bless America".

Conservatives whine about anti-religious nuts who believe there's a separation of church and state.

Liberals whine about SUVs being too big, gas guzzling, dangerous, and generally intimidating.

Conservatives whine about gasoline prices being too high.

Liberals whine about filthy people smoking cigarettes.

Conservatives whine about hippies smoking marijuana.

Liberals whine about having to pay doctors for medical care.

Conservatives whine and say health care is a "luxury".

Liberals whine about the U.S. military fighting wars in the name of freedom.

Conservatives whine about "un-American ingrates" exercising their freedom to protest.

Liberals whine about convicted murderers getting the death penalty.

Conservatives whine about microscopic zygotes being aborted.

Liberals whine about guns causing crime.

Conservatives whine about pop music causing crime.

Liberals whine about how people should be culturally sensitive to everybody, including terrorists.

Conservatives whine that the world's too politically correct if you can't slap a woman's butt.

Liberals whine about insurance companies not covering sex-change operations.

Conservatives whine about homosexuals being, well, homosexual.

Liberals whine about how white people are racist.

Conservatives whine and assert that racism doesn't exist at all anymore.

Liberals whine about Fox News.

Conservatives whine about the rest of the media.

Liberals whine about conservatives.

Conservatives whine about liberals.

Moderates whine about both!

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