Friday, October 03, 2003

Shame: I'm tired of having to defend the actions of journalists. And in this case, I cannot. The Los Angeles Times, just days before the recall election, published a worthless story that accuses Arnold Schwarzenegger of being grabby with some women. (Good job to Mickey Kaus for following this and accurately predicting what the Times would do.)

This is as shameful as when Democrats leaked Bush's 1976 DUI conviction to the press a few days before the 2000 presidential election. Bush was ahead in the polls just before the DUI story broke. Yes -- to everyone who says Bush stole the election -- Bush would have won the election handily, but he was experiencing a momentary slump from the last-minute smear campaign.

It looks like people are trying to do the same to Arnold. I have no idea if he would make a good governor. I honestly don't even care. But people need to stand up to these last-minute cheap shots. The most effective way is to vote in droves for the person unfairly being attacked.

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