Friday, October 17, 2003

Something to chew on: Here are the results of an interesting poll conducted by The Democracy Group. Democratic voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina say they don't want a nominee who opposed the invasion of Iraq:

Majorities of likely Democratic voters in three states with early primaries or caucuses say they prefer a presidential nominee who supported military action against Iraq but criticized President Bush for failing to assemble international support over a candidate who opposed military action from the beginning, according to new polls conducted by the liberal Democracy Corps. [Emphasis added]
That doesn't mean Dean or Clark won't eventually win the nomination. But it could mean that swing voters are less likely to be swayed by isolationist rhetoric that we shouldn't aggressively fight terrorists.

The poll also shows that voters aren't pleased with Bush's diplomatic skills and are skeptical about the $87-billion. We can debate the method in which we fight this war, but hopefully we won't have to keep arguing about the fight itself.


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