Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Gag Reflex: I remember when Republicans campaigned to get government off our backs. Now they're forcing government down our throats.

Florida Gov. J.E.B. Bush pushed a bill through the legislature to force a brain-damaged woman to accept a feeding tube against her husband's wishes and against a court ruling. (For those who are unaware, J.E.B. is an acronym for "John Ellis Bush". Hence, I believe it's more accurate to portray it as such.)

Before she had a heart attack that left her in a vegetative state, the woman had expressed that she does not want to be artificially kept alive. A Florida court decided to let her die. But her parents disagreed, and J.E.B. argued that starving the woman by removing her feeding tube is a terrible way to end her life.

He's right. That doesn't sound pleasant. And that makes an excellent case for physician-assisted suicide. Instead of letting her waste away for two weeks, end her life quickly and painlessly through a lethal injection.

But, alas, Republicans don't allow humane deaths for the sick and terminally ill. And not only is she is confined to hospital equipment, but her family is suffering with her.


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