Wednesday, November 23, 2005

War Games: A lot of my friends are concerned about this Asian appraisal of our fighting capabilities, and how the Tokyo governor publicly declared that the United States would never win a war against China.

This sounds like a challenge more than anything. But we can safely disregard this rhetoric for one simple reason -- We will never go to war against China.

Think about it. We never even went to war with Russia. Take a look around your house. What do you own that was produced in Russia? Some of you righties may have an AK-47, and you lefties probably have lots of Smirnoff. But those are the only things Russia knows how to make: guns and vodka.

Now take another look around your house. What do you have in your house that's not made in China? Going to war with China would bring economic chaos in the United States. That's the beauty of free trade, it brings diplomatic stability throughout the world.

True, militarily, the United States could never successfully take over China, but China could never successfully take over the U.S. either. That leads to a bunch of saber rattling, with nothing ever coming of it.

And that's a reason to be Thankful. Happy Thanksgiving, all.


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