Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Fear Itself: This falls under the irrational fear category. A new poll reveals that many Americans believe cloned food is unsafe. Somehow, by making exact replicas of plants and animals, their food products will somehow be tainted.

Somebody needs to explain to everybody that cloned food is the same thing as the original food -- literally. An exact duplicate is created, and it's raised the same way as the original host. Doing such ensures the quality will remain identical.

This goes back to the widespread fear people have about genetically engineered foodstuff. For some reason people are afraid that fine tuning the food we eat at the genetic level will hurt people and the environment. The Left in Europe is so adamant about this that they won't allow potentially life-saving genetically altered food into Africa to feed staving people there.

The truth is we've been altering food genetically for centuries. It's called breeding. At the genetic level, we're just able to do it with more precision. The result is food that is healthier and hardier. But people who fear progress are endangering the people they are trying to protect.


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