Thursday, November 03, 2005

Keep the faith, my brothers: I often get into a lot of political debates with both my liberal and conservative friends. Our arguments are usually pretty light, although I usually try to keep these two groups of friends separated for fear of a truly heated confrontation.

But one thing I do consistently hear from both sides is dread about the downward spiral this country is in. "Blah blah blah is running this country into the ground." "Blah blah blah, this country is going to hell."

Granted, it's easy to exaggerate in discussions. But I wonder why so many people have so little faith in this country. We're not perfect, but we're strong and stable. There's no reason to believe that same-sex marriage or faith-based programs are going to do anything to seriously hurt this country. Why the doom and gloom?

I do hear centrists and moderates bemoaning partisanship and extremism. But not to the extent of any imminent destruction. It seems that we in the middle are in the best position to observe that the tug-o-war/pendulum-swing of both sides will keep this country down a straight course. This country may sway from side to side, but it is not in any danger of running aground.

I'm sure most people hold this optimistic view. But it seems the loudest voices have the worst things to say.


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