Monday, November 28, 2005

Jump Start: The governor of Virginia is making speeches about how we should go about finishing the job in Iraq.

Can we just make it official? Mark Warner has essentially announced that he is running for president.

That being said, I'm heartened to see that he has refrained from joining the cut-and-run chorus. Here's a quote from a Reuters story.

"This Democrat doesn't think we need to re-fight how we got into (the Iraq war). I think we need to focus more on how to finish it," Warner said.
See, he's even referring to himself in the third person. But not by using his own name, just his own political party. Ain't politics grand?

Anyhow, while 2008 is a long time away, it's good to see a centrist Democrat resisting calls (so far) to label the war in Iraq a mistake. We'll see whether he can maintain that position throughout the primaries.


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