Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What The Hell! I've been silent through this whole Plame thing because I'm still convinced that it's much ado about nothing.

Still, Rove apparently lied. Bad Rover! No treat for you.

But, you know, I expect politicians to lie a bit to save their own necks. Both sides do it all the time. This is not news. In this case, Wilson has been caught lying, and Rove has been caught lying. I'm not convinced that any law was broken, so I'm having trouble caring.

However, when the news media collectively lies, I have no patience for that. And just about every newspaper and news broadcast has made claim that Bush has raised the bar for firing staff members over the Plame deal.

Bush never said he would fire any leakers. He only said he would fire anyone who has been found to have broken a law. That doesn't stop the mass media, the liberal bloggers, and Jon Stewart from lying about it and saying Bush is shifting from his previous pledge.

If you want to dislike Bush, that's fine. But at least stick to the truth when feeding your irrational hatred.


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