Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hell on Earth: Fortunately, at least one news magazine has decided to give some extra attention to the crisis in Sudan. The New Republic has turned over its blog to noted Darfur expert Eric Reeves. He has three posts, so far, here, here, and here.

His reports are troubling, as he relays the true devastation the Arab militia has wrought upon their African victims.

The consensus among Darfuris in exile, at least those who have access to sources on the ground in Darfur, is that approximately 90 percent of all African villages have now been destroyed. This more than anything else accounts for the decline in large-scale military activity in Darfur, at least between the major combatants, the two insurgency movements on the one side and Khartoum and the Janjaweed on the other. (Recently there has been much infighting between the insurgents themselves.) There are simply not enough remaining targets of opportunity to sustain the levels of violence that were recorded between spring 2003 and fall 2004.
Read the whole thing.


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