Friday, July 29, 2005

Victory is in Reach! We have turned the corner in the War on Terrorism. This wasn't from a tactical military victory or even our influence in Iraq. But Al Qaeda is losing the hearts and minds of their fellow Muslims.

How do I know? Well, I'm not talking about that poll showing Osama Bin Laden's withering support among Muslims. And this has nothing to do with the protests in Egypt and beyond after Al Qaeda struck there, or even the Egyptian government's fatigue of the terrorism.

The real indication that Al Qaeda is losing is that Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudia Arabia and Prince Nayef, the country's interior minister, have charged that Al Qaeda is a Zionist conspiracy. That's right, the royalty of Saudi Arabia are calling Al Qaeda a bunch of Jews.

Once that message becomes conventional wisdom, Al Qaeda will truly have nowhere to hide in the Middle East. Brian Keegan of Centerfield says we should help spread the Saudis' message far and wide. I guess we'll just have to confront the anti-Semitism in the Middle East at a later date.


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