Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Error of Big Government: Just like with states rights, neither party can claim to be against big government. Both sides use it anytime they damn well see fit.

Republicans have always argued that free market can solve most problems, and that government just screws it up. Well, in Utah, environmentalists have decided to purchase land from ranch owners in order to protect the land from the cattle. And the ranch owners are happily complying, making money in the process.

But now the Utah government wants to step in and put an end to deciding such issues in the open market. And President Bush may even be supporting this Republican crack-down.

Republicans only support business interests when it furthers their interests, or "values", as they call it. Otherwise, they would let Hollywood produce anything that makes money, and wouldn't rant about social fabric, moral fiber, and whatnot. They only oppose big government when it interferes with what they want. Now that they are in power, they can use it to do whatever they want.

And just before you begin to think that the Democrats will now carry the mantra of "getting government off your back", don't get your hopes up.


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