Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Swingin': It's fun to travel to swing states so close to Election Day. I finally get to see in person what I've been reading in the news, the barrage of attack ads by both Kerry and Bush. But what interested me most were not the ads for national elections, but for the local ones here in Colorado.

On Monday, between the time that the Red Sox-Yankees game ended and Fox Sports put on the remainder of the Astros-Cardinals game, I must have seen six political ads and one Kia ad. The ads against Pete Coors actually say, "His beer is great, but his views are hard to swallow." And after viewing one particular ad, I feel compelled to vote against Amendment 34. Apparently the amendment is meant to help this one lawyer get rich by allowing him to file a whole bunch of lawsuits that will hurt the poor and needy -- at least that's what the commercial says.

And on the national scene, I had never heard this before, but now CNN is advertising that it is number one among undecided voters. Why would you ever brag about that?

Well, it's been busy as hell here, and I'm still on East Coast time. Time for bed.


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