Thursday, October 28, 2004

Please Disregard: According to Drudge, ABC News soon will be showing a terrorist video threatening massive attacks that dwarf the destruction of 9/11 -- as punishment for electing Bush as president.

I appreciate that the terrorists are reminding everybody that we have an evil enemy in need of being destroyed. However, we should not kowtow to their demands, either by voting for Kerry in fear or voting for Bush out of spite. Every American should disregard any "advice" from terrorists and continue to vote as already planned.

As I've said before, the reason terrorists want to help Kerry win isn't because they think he would go easy on them. They simply want to influence the American elections, like they did in Spain, as a demonstration of power. Both Bush and Kerry have pledged to destroy the terrorist networks. And I have confidence that both men will stand by their word.

On a side note, it is interesting that terrorists have released this video, giving a vague threat instead of carrying out an attack. It almost seems like they don't have the capability to follow through with an actual attack, so they sent out a vid instead. Still, I do expect some sort of attack to occur within the next few days. I hope I'm wrong.


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