Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Flip-Flop? During this campaign, I've become a big fan of Christopher Hitchens and his articles. He is a liberal who has been able to articulate a hawkish stance with powerful evidence and rhetoric. So, like many others, I was curious to see which candidate he would endorse.

Apparently he embodies the national mood right now, because he can't seem to make a decision.

He wrote an article for The Nation entitled "Why I'm (Slightly) for Bush". Then in Slate, he joined other contributors in offering a couple paragraphs explaining how he plans to vote. And there he chose Kerry.

The funny thing about both contributions, if you read the text without reading the headline, you wouldn't know for sure who he supports. Maybe he's being purposely ambiguous. Maybe he can't make up his mind. Or maybe we could just use two better candidates.


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