Monday, January 23, 2006

Secret Weapon: Is it me, or is Laura Bush making a lot of public speeches lately?

In one comment, she bashes Sen. Hillary Clinton for that inappropriate "plantation" remark.

In another, she says this:

Many people are very, very sincerely anti-war, everyone is anti-war, the president is anti-war, no-one wants war, but no-one wanted what happened on September 11 either.
All in all, she speaks the truth. I can't help but wonder, however, whether Karl Rove may tap her as an ace in the hole for the 2006 elections. Not as a candidate, but as a GOP promoter. Laura Bush is extremely popular and well respected. After this election, any influence that she has in politics will diminish, so now would be the time to use her.

But Republicans need to be careful. The very reason everyone loves her is because she is so anti-politics. If she's seen campaigning too much, she'll lose that virtue.


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