Monday, January 09, 2006

Horns Up: Tom DeLay is calling it quits, no longer seeking his old post as House Majority Leader. What with the indictment and the numerous possible ethics violations, DeLay has become an albatross for Republican lawmakers heading into an election year, and they finally forced him to step down. Now hopefully Sugar Land can vote him out of office as well.

Horns Down: Vince Young is entering the NFL Draft. I hoped that he would see the lure of winning the Heisman and a chance at leading the Longhorns to a second straight national championship as reason to finish his fourth year of eligibility in the NCAA. Truth is, he's a hot commodity, he may have a chance to play for his home town of Houston, and he's going to make lots of money. Best of luck to you Vince. And thanks for the memories.


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