Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Rock Me Amadeus: Researchers may have discovered the skull of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. They hope to confirm it by comparing its DNA with known DNA of Mozart's relatives.

The question is, What should we do with the prized skull if we can confirm it's his? I say we clone him. He was a musical genius, and I'd like to see what kind of music he would create were he alive today.

While we're at it, let's make new copies of other creative geniuses like Einstein, Edison, and Hendrix. If their genetics compel them to make more amazing discoveries, then who knows what they'll give us. And if they accomplish nothing their second time around, well, it would still be kind of cool to have their replicas around.

We have nothing to fear from clones, because they already exist (identical twins are genetic clones). We're not playing God. We're just noodling with the tools God uses. So we should have some fun with it.


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