Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Half the Battle: It's very disconcerting to me that I know so much about the military endeavors in Iraq. I knew weeks ahead of time that Coalition forces were planning to retake Fallujah. I knew that the purpose of this mission was to round up terrorists and to disrupt their base of operations.

If I could find out all that information on, just think of how much the terrorists know.

Now Coalition forces have almost completed the mission, as most of Fallujah is under our control. But Zarqawi and most of the terrorists are nowhere to be found. For some reason they booked early and decided to conduct operations elsewhere.

I'm all for openness in our government and its actions. But during a war, there are some things I expect not to know. When it comes to military action, please, surprise me, and take the terrorists by surprise as well.


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