Thursday, November 04, 2004

Backwards: One of the casualties associated with Bush's win is the further attack on gay rights. This election, 11 states amended their constitutions to ban gay marriage, some going so far as to also ban civil unions. This is not just a coincidence, as the Bush campaign used gay marriage as a "values" issue to get conservatives to the polls.

It's a shame that so many states tainted their constitutions with such homophobia. The progress of gay rights is inevitable, as soon as people realize there's nothing wrong with two individuals loving each other even if they are both men. Unfortunately it will take some time, just like it did with the Civil Rights movement.

These amendments will be a deep scar on many state constitutions for some time. Just like previous bans on inter-racial marriage, these states are eventually going to realize that they must erase the bigotry from their laws. Hopefully they'll realize this as soon as possible.


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