Thursday, August 26, 2004

Star Struck: It appears John McCain is the real star of the show. Both sides are courting the maverick senator in an attempt to curry favor from swing voters.

Both Bush and Kerry have featured McCain in their campaign ads. Even though McCain, a Republican, has endorsed Bush, he has criticized both campaigns for unfair attacks.

Bush has recently asked McCain to work with him to strengthen campaign finance reform measures to stop 527s from their mud slinging. Kerry is now releasing a new ad which includes imagery from Bush ads that attacked McCain during the 2000 Republican Primary.

I'm sure McCain is relishing his role. And it appears the public is still infatuated with him and wishes he were president.

And for that reason it's probably a good thing, for his sake, that he's not. He was in favor of invading Iraq and of many other Bush's policies, something people often ignore when they fawn over him. If he were to become president, he would suffer the fate of all chief executives and would instantly be hated by many.


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