Thursday, April 22, 2004

Low Point: It's an unfortunate evolution. Sexuality is reaching younger and younger ages. Now young girls are dressing like, well, sluts -- donning low-slung jeans, exposing their navels, and wearing tight shirts that sport the Playboy bunny or sparkle the word "Naughty".

Apparently some of their peers are noticing this trend and have come up with a term, that's now in common usage, to describe preteens who flaunt their body a bit too much. They're called "prostitots".

Hopefully a little peer pressure can go a long way to deter 11-year-old girls from emulating their role models -- Britney and Christina -- and to learn that it's not wise to dress like a sex toy.

Update: While I'm not a fan of slutty outfits, in no way do I endorse a state ban on such clothes. Hopefully Louisiana's proposal to do just that won't go anywhere.


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