Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Why Ask Why? Over the weekend, Howard Dean lost the endorsement of the AFSCME union. What was never given was an official explanation as to why the union was pulling its endorsement.

There's always some BS official explanation to these things (such as when somebody steps down from office for "health reasons" or "to spend time with his family" when that person has been a total screw up). But they didn't even bother this time.

We all know that the union reneged its endorsement because Howard Dean is losing. But if this has become so transparent, why do we even waste time with endorsements any more?

Howard Dean only got endorsements in the first place because early poll numbers showed him in the lead. Now that Kerry's winning the primaries, he's getting all the endorsements.

But the endorsements don't mean anything. It doesn't sway anybody's vote. When Gephardt endorsed Kerry, that was just a very public way for Gephardt to say "Kerry owes me one, and I'll be asking him for a favor later."

I guess that's helpful for us voters to see whom our elected representatives will be owing political favors. But otherwise, the news coverage seems pretty worthless.


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