Tuesday, February 10, 2004

More Positive News: Despite the casualties taken by American troops, the terrorists in Iraq are sorely losing the fight. The letter, citing the suffocating successes of the American military, is indicative of widespread desperation on the part of the terrorists.

Our action there is not only helping Iraq, but it's also progressing the war against terrorism. Al Qaeda is infiltrating Iraq to wage war against our troops. In the process, Al Qaeda is getting killed and captured.

All this, plus the first democracy in the Middle East to boot.

Troops who have come home that I've talked say they are welcomed with open arms. They're being treated as celebrities. Iraqis invite them into their homes for meals and shower them with praise -- and the people are much happier now that Saddam Hussein has been eliminated. And most importantly, the soldiers are proud of the work that they're doing.

That's not to belittle the deaths and the casualties the U.S. troops are taking. There is a small segment of terrorists there who want to kill as many Americans and Iraqis as possible. But that's why we have to keep fighting, to secure our victory.


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