Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Oh, Canada, Get Over It: America's favorite show that no one watches is in a heap of controversy with the Canucks. Late, late, late-night talk-show host Conan O'Brien traveled to the barren tundra to tape his show. In one of his skits, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog heckled residents of Quebec for wanting to secede from Canada and for choosing to speak in French instead of English. Canadian politicians denounced the skit as "vile and vicious."

These people need a sense of humor. As Americans, we get heckled all the time, and we've learned to live with it. We get ripped for all the crap we produce in Hollywood. We're called imperialists (even though we don't tend to keep any colonies). People talk about how they hate, I mean hate, our president -- whoever it may be at the time. Yet, people from other countries won't share the same displeasure about Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein. Hell, they'll cheer Osama's name at U.S. soccer matches and say Americans deserved 9/11.

In light of all the abuse hurled in our direction, don't jeer us for making light of the situation with our Freedom Fries and U.N. bashing. We can take a ribbing, and we can dish one out, too.

Yes, we love you Canada. That Triumph Dog is nothing to be taken seriously. In fact, I'm surprised you even saw it -- no one here was watching. We also know that Canada is not really a barren tundra, just like I'm sure you know that the United States is not a polluted wasteland full of cowboys, eh?


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