Monday, January 26, 2004

I Made It: The nation's capital is covered in snow. I take the subway to work, but I spent the night in Bethesda last night. So I had to drive home to Arlington before I could get ready to go to work.

Most of the main roads were plowed, but for some reason the ramps between the main roads were neglected.

So, I'm driving on an exit ramp, when up ahead I see that three cars have spun out and are stuck in the snow -- blocking the road. Realizing none of us are going anywhere until they're free, some fellas and I get out of our cars to shovel and push the helpless vehicles back onto the plowed road up ahead.

Of course, traffic is backed up on the off-ramp. Well, one middle-aged gentleman comes trudging up to where we are and says, in the finest of British accents, "You need to move these cars out of the way. You're blocking the road!"

I wanted to clock the guy ...


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