Thursday, January 08, 2004

Hands Off: Yesterday the DC City Council voted to ban drivers from using cell phones, unless they use the hands-free devices.

I don't know why people have such a phobia about cell phones. Everybody has one, but everybody hates it when anyone else uses one. Sure, it's annoying if one rings during a movie or play. But any noise is inappropriate in those circumstances.

What gets me is people get all pissy when somebody talks on a cell phone in a restaurant or grocery store. I guess I never realized that no talking is allowed in those places. The only difference between listening to somebody on a cell phone and listening to a couple engage in chit chat is that you only get to hear half the conversation with the guy on the phone.

So now people want to crack down on cell phones in cars. The AAA says the city council's ban on hand-held cell phones doesn't go far enough because it's the conversation that's distracting, not holding the phone. Does that mean we can't talk to passengers anymore either?

Honestly, I don't use my cell phone much at all. But when I do, I don't feel like I've lost all capability for driving. It's about as much of a distraction as changing the channel on my radio. I think the DC City Council has more important things to worry about.


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