Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Read My Lips, No New Attacks: It sounds like Wesley Clark is getting desperate. A few days ago he promised that, if elected, there would be no terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.

"I will protect America," he said.

You and what army? Clark's statement is ridiculous no matter what. But it's even sillier considering he wants to limit the military's role to rounding up terrorist bands as they scatter from Afghanistan to Pakistan. He opposes actions like Operation Iraqi Freedom that depose dictators who help international terrorists.

Instead, Clark's plan to prevent any terrorist attack on American soil involves beefing up security at the homeland. But unless he knows exactly who these terrorists are and where they're lurking, that means Clark would have to crack down on all of our rights to make sure none of us would be capable of pulling off an attack.

Truth is, another attack is inevitable. There's no way to completely guarantee everyone's safety. While Bush is taking the fight to the terrorists in the Middle East, Clark believes he can personally assure security in the U.S. with little aggressive action.

What's really sick is Clark just wants to set himself up to benefit politically from another terrorist strike on the United States.

And it has also been revealed that, a little over a year ago, Clark admitted knowing Al Qaeda had ties with Iraq. Of course, since he's been running for prez, he's denied that any tie exists. But it seems the more crazy things he says lately, the more his poll numbers increase.


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