Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What's In a Naymme? Some parents like to give their kids typical names. Many of these are often from the Bible: John, Daniel, Peter, Mary, etc.

Other parents like to give their children less-common names. Nothing too exotic, but something that sets their kids apart: Alexis, Mason, Ashton, etc.

Then there are those parents who give their kids typical names, but with some bastardized spelling. Instead of Amy, it's Aimee. I just talked to a woman who told me her name was Melissa. Then when she e-mailed me, her name was spelled Myllisa.

These poor souls. They get the worst of both worlds -- boring names that nobody will know how to spell. They have common names, but they will never be able to find one of those license-plate key chains with the right spelling on it.


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