Monday, September 19, 2005

Dey-tuk-yer-jerb! Who says the illegal immigrants who come into this country aren't real Americans? Because they certainly are talking like them.

NPR had a piece this morning on how some recent immigrants want new immigrants to stop coming to this country. All these dang foreigners keep taking jobs away from the foreigners who are already here, they say.

The NPR broadcast focuses on Brazilians in Boston who have published ads on the Internet and in South American newspapers asking their people to stop coming here. "The United States is far from being the promised land," the ad says.

Illegal immigrants have to face a growing shortage of jobs, police raids, poor living conditions -- and that's only if they survive the deadly task of getting smuggled into this country.

Of course, this won't stop anybody from coming. The people leaving Central and South America usually have nothing, and they realize that they have more of a chance up here. The only way they may be convinced to stay were if many of the illegals moved back home empty handed. Since that's not happening, neither will the slow down of illegal immigration.


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