Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Too Sexy for the Web: President Bush is opposed to the creation of the .xxx domain for Internet sites. That Internet suffix would allow porn sites to be clearly recognizable and easily blocked.

But Bush doesn't want to give porn sites a safe haven or virtual red light district. Apparently separating all the porn from the rest of the Net could be harmful to "families and children".

This is ludicrous, because the porn is already there. Sex is everywhere on the Internet, and you can't get rid of it. But the .xxx domain could help regulate it. That would actually provide more protection to families and children.

There's something kooky in general about conservatives and sex. It's like they don't want to admit it exists. Most mainstream movies don't include nudity or sex like they used to. The whole mantra of "sex sells" has been disproven as most movies rated R and NC17 draw fewer people to theaters. This partly stems from social conservatives' railing against sexual images.

Yet, while Righties can't stand sex, they don't seem to mind the violent images that remain in our movies. Battles and gore are glorified, but sex is hidden.

I'm not arguing that either should be removed from the big screen. I think Americans should have the choice to see what they want, and the disclaimers and warnings are adequate in protecting those people who are easily offended. But if I had children, I would be more comfortable seeing two people loving each other than killing each other. For some reasons conservatives would rather have the opposite.


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