Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Reasonable Debate: The Washington Post has an interesting story about the handgun issue in DC, pointing out that many residents would feel safer against criminals if they were allowed to own a gun.

The House of Representatives is debating a measure that would overturn the District's ban on handguns. Although I support gun rights, I've already come out against this measure because I'm tired of the way Congress controls Washington, DC. Besides, the measure will most likely die in the Senate.

But it looks like the House debate is prompting discussion about handguns in the District. And any further discussion, as long as it's honest, will be a good thing. Perhaps the residents can decide on their own that they want the right to protect themselves.

P.S. You won't hear conservatives blast The Washington Post as being a liberal rag for this article. While other news organizations have had a problem controlling their bias lately, the Post has done a great job with balance and objectivity, as exemplified by their aggressive coverage of Rathergate.


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