Friday, September 17, 2004

Friends Like These ... Sometimes a candidate's worst enemies are his own supporters. News articles are citing many instances of Bush and Kerry faithful making fools out of themselves and their candidates.

An intoxicated Kerry supporter became beligerent during a political debate on an airplane. Authorities took that person to jail.

An Amtrak employee who supports Bush used the train's PA system to tell customers that they were being delayed because of a Kerry entourage holding things up. He encouraged everybody to "vote accordingly in November". That misuse of company equipment got the employee (and Republican congressional candidate) suspended from his job.

A three-year-old Bush supporter burst into tears when Democrats ripped up her Bush-Cheney sign she was holding at a rally.

And my favorite: a woman with a Kerry bumper sticker on her car got fired by her pro-Bush boss. After hearing the news, John Kerry called her up personally and offered her a job on his campaign.

Political activity is healthy, and important to our system. But for some reason it can become very emotional, and some people end up acting stupid. While the candidate cannot be held responsible for everything his followers do, some people need to realize that their actions and words reflects poorly on the candidate their trying to support.


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