Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Undivided Attention: So far, I'd say, the Bush administration has handled the prisoner abuse scandal as well as could be expected. Bush has apologized. Rumsfeld has apologized. And we're beginning the court martial hearings.

Of course, many folks are calling for Rumsfeld's ouster. I don't buy that. I'm disappointed by his earlier inaction, but getting rid of Rumsfeld seems more political than practical.

Now that we're taking care of this problem, let's focus again on our true enemy. Al Qaeda has now released video of the severed head of an American hostage -- as punishment for the abuse of the Iraqi prisoners.

What America did to the Iraqi prisoners was horrible. But it wasn't anywhere near as horrible as what Al Qaeda keeps doing. And remember, they have been this awful long before we ever invaded Iraq. So don't fall for their propaganda. But let's not feed it either. We can take the high road and win this war at the same time.


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