Friday, September 26, 2003

Journalism 101: Talk about burying the lead. In this Washington Post article, Sen. Hillary Clinton -- yes, the liberal, anti-Bush one -- admits that U.S. intelligence confirmed that Iraq still had the weapons of mass destruction Saddam was supposed to destroy:

She said she consulted widely before that vote and found that U.S. intelligence "from Bush I to Clinton to Bush II was consistent" in concluding that there was "a continuing presence of biological and chemical weapons programs" in Iraq and that the Iraqis were seeking to develop a nuclear capacity.
However, this information is found in the second-to-last paragraph of an inside-baseball story of Hillary denying that Gen. Clark's run for the presidency is part of some grand conspiracy.

In the next paragraph she goes on to criticize Bush for relying on U.S. intelligence for making decisions. Silly man. But it's irresponsible of the Washington Post to play down Hillary's concession in light of all the flak Bush is getting on the WMD issue.

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