Thursday, September 04, 2003

Enough! So fighting broke out between Israel and the Palestinians again. Although that newsbreak didn't surprise anyone, I still couldn't believe how the Palestinians were blaming Israel for the violence.

The two sides were respecting an agreed-upon ceasefire while negotiations were under way. Then Hamas suicide bombers blew up a bus with 20 Israelis on it, including several children. A few days later, Israel fires rockets to kill a leader of the terrorist group and two of his bodyguards. Hamas claims to be shocked, enraged, etc. and declares that the ceasefire is NOW over.

I guess the killing of a busload of innocent people doesn't count as the end of the ceasefire, but a targeted killing of an instigator of violence does.

This just reminds me of why we need to take the handcuffs off Israel and let the country fight its war. Israelis are fighting for their survival against a group of terrorists just like the United States is. This is no different than our war against terrorism, so we shouldn't put them in the dangerous situation of negotiating with terrorists. Peace comes through victory.

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